Aaryn Myles Candle Amber + Sandalwood – Sky Vintage Inspired Vessel


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A sensory masterpiece that captivates the essence of a wild and smoky leather adventure complemented by an exquisite touch of elegant sweetness. As you ignite the flame, a symphony of aromas dances through the air, transporting you to a realm where sophistication meets rugged allure.

Handpoured made with a natural soy wax. Our candles includes double fibre wicks. We use high-quality, paraben free, phthalate free, cruelty free and vegan fragrance oils to ensure only the best quality and clean scent without harmful toxins, or hazardous chemical candle.

Our Sky Vintage Inspired Glass Vessels holds 7oz of wax.
Diameter: 3.5
Height: 3.5″
Burn time is approximately 40 hours.



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